Savage Classic

The Savage Classic, being the first aircraft that we designed back in 1997, and having been the only model in production for a certain amount of years, it is still today the most popular Savage around. The one that has trained hundreds of pilots, and the one that you can find at airfields around half the globe.
The Savage Classic represents the foundations on top of which we have created our successful range of aircrafts. It embodies the main features that have made our products so popular and appreciated, as the strong 4130 fuselage, robust landing gear, very good visibility and exquisite handling qualities. It is possibly one of the easiest and more docile taildragger airplanes in the market today, being the reason of being so popular and appreciated among flight schools.
Still today, it is very appreciated in certain markets, both because it is our entry level aircraft in the range of the fully enclosed ones, representing a very good value for the money, and also because it still is the lightest aircraft of our range (Bobber and Agilis apart of course).
Build quality of the Savage Classic has no compromise, and performance wise is also very similar to its new successors that we have introduced.
The Savage Classic is a very good and well proven performer, a sound investment, and a very easy to fly aircraft that guarantees many years of satisfaction and a great ownership experience, still keeping a very high resale value after years of service.